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His primary YouTube channel, “Onision”, features sketches and satirical clips; videos posted to his other channels focus on personal stories covering topics such as suicide and self-harm as well as discussion with his viewers. His online content has attracted controversy and criticism from online media outlets and viewers alike. As of November , Jackson’s main Onision channel has received over 2 million subscribers and over million video views; [10] his secondary channel “UhOhBro” has received just under 2 million subscribers and over million video views; [11] and his vlog channel “OnisionSpeaks” has received over 1. Jackson created his channel in but did not upload any content until October The video featured Jackson “jumping around screaming in a banana suit”, [3] as well as his first wife, Skye Tantaga. In , Jackson posted a number of clips with his then-girlfriend Shiloh Hoganson. No one will ever know how much I abuse you”, before hurling candy corns at her and laughing.

Onision: The Definitive Timeline Of YouTube’s Perfect Villain

Crazy relationships, outspoken opinions, 2edgy4u humor. Was once making over a million a year through Youtube, but has since drastically dropped in viewership. Currently trying to ignore the recent allegations while milking Patreon. Started obsessively tweeting Greg as a fan in Gets into poly relationship with Greg.

Onision Image ➡ Click here: What happened to shiloh onision DOLL (​Canadian singer) Some however, disagreed, saying that Onision’s parody was This w as the largest armed conflict in human history to date.

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Onision November 11, Show Chart Legend.

When will YouTube ban Onision?

Every time Billie breaks up with them, he begins love bombing Lainey again. This screenshot was taken only two days after he had cheated on Lainey with Billie the first time:. He is careful not to do this overtly on Twitter or Instagram like he does with Lainey, but during this time, he expends much more effort into communicating with Billie over Twitter and in videos than he does with Lainey. Over-protection and isolation in the name of love.

Onision met Shiloh over Skype and began sending her plane tickets so a man she wasn’t in a relationship with, so she decided to date him.

Draculoh 2 minutes ago 1. Yes, I indeed DID have a sepsis infection. I had a sepsis infection. Having sexual relations with a dog. Now in all honesty this make s me laugh so hard, it makes no sense. This is all because the dog bit me while I was bent over making the bed and the wounded area happened to be my private parts and my inner leg.

Onision Height, Weight, Age, Body Statistics

My dear. I cannot even begin to imagine what you are going through. Just seeing those videos, I began becoming teary eyed. I hope you recover. You do not deserve this, nor does Greg deserve to see you go through this. But unfortunately bad things happen to good people sometimes.

Who is Shiloh dating in and who has Shiloh dated? Let’s take a look at Shiloh’s Shiloh profile photo. Shiloh is a year-old Canadian Pop Singer from Abbotsford, Canada. She dated YouTube personality Onision. According to our.

Subscriber Account active since. This is nothing new. Though now, it seems, the controversial personality is watching himself become the digital pariah of the year and reacting accordingly. Chris Hansen, known best for the popular television show “To Catch a Predator,” has found a new home on YouTube and his first task is unfolding the story of Onision allegedly grooming underage fans with the aid of his spouse Kai Avaroe, known previously as Lainey. Onision originally became famous for making a parody video called Banana Song I’m a Banana that gained traction after being shown on the television show “Tosh.

The video, with over 77 million views as of the writing of this article, is simply Onision jumping around screaming in a banana suit — but it was enough to skyrocket him to mid-level internet fame. These days Onision is best known for his objectifying content and controversial reputation. He rates pictures that women submit to him, gives his opinions on their bodies , and comments on other YouTubers.

Onision’s content often leaves viewers with a particular ick-factor. Onision has been profoundly disliked by the YouTube community for years , despite maintaining millions of subscribers across his multiple channels. There have been many calls to remove Onision from the platform completely, though no action has ever officially been taken. Onision and Avaroe are also famous for something a bit more personal: opening their marriage to additional partners and documenting the ensuing drama.

SHILOH Canadian Singer

Weaved within the cultural fabric of YouTube is every base archetype. But for every Hero, Jester, Sage and Ruler, there must be a trickster, the bad guy we love to hate. Before Rebecca Black and before suggested video feeds were boiling over with Reply Girls, there was Greg Jackson, or as you may know him — Onision. Jackson is and continues to be one of the most reviled creators online. He has publicly feuded with some of the biggest creators on YouTube while documenting various personal relationships imploding upon themselves with unflinching transparency.

How did he get there?

in that time, another YouTuber/singer named Christina Grimmie was shot and killed Onision met Shiloh over Skype and began sending her plane tickets so he perhaps because he knows of the backlash he will receive for dating another.

Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. I remember the first time I heard Shiloh Dynasty’s voice. It’s not just that Shiloh Dynasty’s voice is incredible, although it is—it’s that to hear it, you have to be searching. For me, the first time was in late December of This mellow, dream-like song called “I’m Sorry” by a producer named Swell came up on my SoundCloud feed during a hunt for new music.

Producers on SoundCloud have developed supportive communities of like-minded peers, and they aggressively repost each other’s songs. This means that if you follow one plugged-in producer on SoundCloud, you inadvertently follow many. It can be annoying, but it often rewards those looking to discover new stuff. I pressed play, and I remember being immediately curious about the voice. In the description of Swell’s “I’m Sorry,” there was a link labeled “original” which led to a Vine post by a user named ShilohDynasty.

I went to the profile page to see more, and it took no more than a minute to realize that I had just stumbled upon something extraordinary. Shiloh’s Vine account hosts only 13 video clips, six seconds each, and hours could be spent looping those 13 clips, over and over and over. Discovering it was like experiencing Jandek —the legendary experimental recluse—for the first time, albeit repurposed for the internet, much less prolific, and with objectively good music.

The Mystery of Shiloh Dynasty, The Beautiful Voice All Over XXXTENTACION’s ’17’

He is widely known for his satirical sketches as well as personal vlogs which border around self-harm or suicide-related content. He dated Shiloh Hoganson between and His first marriage was to Skye Tantaga in , however they divorced in He got married to Kai Avaroe in Onision is a famous American YouTuber, who was born on November 11 , As a person born on this date, Onision is listed in our database as the 5th most popular celebrity for the day November 11 and the 23rd most popular for the year

Greg has not specified his exact place of birth but has confirmed his birth date as Despite having gotten back together with Shiloh, Onision started to reply to her with Canadian singer/songwriter Shiloh Hoganson, also known as Draculoh.

Onision just posted a video introducing his girlfriend Shiloh. People in the comments were asking if it was the Shiloh, the Canadian singer. I looked up one of her videos, and it looks like her, but I also read that she’s Onision couldn’t be dating a teenager. Is he really dating this Shiloh, or am I just being misinformed? By the way, I’m not trying to accuse him of anything, I’m just curious and I can’t seem to find any reliable sources. Yes, she is Shiloh the singer. Greg isn’t much older anyway, at least not by my standards.

Hell, I am 20 and my partner is Plus, who even said they where being intimate? I praise him for moving on from Skye, he looks very happy. Way to go Greg. They the two declare that one and all of her episodes are actual and that she relatively has been dropping her memory.

Shiloh (singer)

Hey guys, Onisatsu18 here back with another rant. This is the first official rant of Technically, the Zarna Joshi rant is, but she was a topic. So what you can tell from this behaviour, is that Onision is a huge bigot. Yes, this loser actually thought it was good idea to go in military. But because, fucking spoilers here, you actually have to learn to survive in the military, one of the disciplines was how to kill a wabbit.

Onision’s birthday and biography. Gregory James Daniel and better known online as Onision, is an American YouTuber, musician and author. He dated Shiloh Hoganson between and He got married to Kai Avaroe in

By EvilActivity , January 16, in Entertainment. She claimed to have been beaten by her parents to the point of not being able to breathe, but was still able to give shout-outs to all her Sonictard friends just in the nick of time. Shortly afterward, she wrote a journal explaining how she was dying. Later on in the comments, good ol’ Devonti came in to keep her fantards updated on the situation with a detailed summary of Charceo’s last moments.

Instead of being a sane person and calling , she decides to call Devonti to let him know she’s dying and to take care of her Neopets, which, as we all know, is naturally the first thing a dying person takes care of. Like any good dramawhore, she makes sure to break off while in the middle of important information. Info about this person has yet to be dug up, as they deleted their gallery. Chances are it was shit anyway. Lol XD It reminds me of my ex girlfriend who pretended to commit suicide just to hurt me.

Talking to her a lot I knew it was possible. She organised a whole drama when I couldn’t go and help her or even check it myself was too far. She called and told me she ate some medicines, crying she described how it will damage her body untill the end.

Shiloh Hoganson

Register to update information, save favorites, post photos, news stories and comments. Main Details. Shiloh broke out as a Canadian pop singer in at the age of She preformed with the likes of Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. After the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Shiloh, along with other young Canadian singers such as Justin Bieber and Drake, recorded the charity song Wavin’ Flag. Inspired by Michael Jackson, Shiloh would donate all money made from shows to charity.

Shiloh forgot me (Onision video) Onision and Shiloh a collaboration between Electronic producer Daktyl and singer-songwriter JJ Draper of Arbour.

Onision is 34 years old. He is a Scorpio and was born in the Year of the Ox. Discover real Onision facts, biography, date of birth, and related news below. Onision is a YouTuber. Gregory was born in s, in the middle of Millennials Generation. He was born in the state of Washington and raised in the country by his mother alongside two sisters. He married Laineybot and previously dated pop singer Shiloh.

Prior to web stardom, he served in the U. Air Force. Currently, Onision is 34 years old. His next birthday is away. Gregory will celebrate his 35th birthday on a Monday, November 11th. He shares a birthday with everyone who was born on November 11, Below we countdown to his upcoming birthday.

Is Onision dating Shiloh, the singer?

Shiloh singer has been engaged to Gregory Jackson – Shiloh singer is a 27 year old Canadian Musician. Her zodiac sign is Taurus.

Multiple women including Billie Dawn Webb and Canadian singer Shiloh have shared stories of their personal relationships with Jackson on.

By PixlPhantasy Watch. Totally Awesome show except when they lost power during the first set Epic fail but was soon fixed. You can see her Operator, music video on Youtube [link] Shiloh has entered in many contests and competitions for singing, such as a radio contest for The Bounce It debuted on the Canadian Hot at 73, then fell off the charts the following week.

Shiloh’s next single is entitled “Alright”; a music video was released on June 17, Her debut album is set to release in June in Canada. Shiloh also released a single years before her debut that had great airplay all over Canada called “All I Want”. She was a nominee for the MuchMusic Video Awards as well as being an announced performer. Published: Jul 2,

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