Post any requests in the comments below

  • J Ess

    More Blondiewondie please

  • Lucas Azevedo


    Do you guys have any legslavish exclusive video?

    • Hexagone

      Nope, however their £4.99 price doesn’t seem high.

  • nicte

    Any luck you guys have any LeilaLove exclusive videos?

    • Hexagone

      At the moment, no. Unless you want to split the cost?

  • chicknexdoor

    any chance for babyzelda manyvids uploads ? looking for her babysitter video. she has youtube asmr channel too by the way.

  • Ben

    Hey even though this Is not porn do you happen to have any lily whispers ( previously whisperslily) patreon videos? Been looking like crazy but can’t find it

    • Hexagone

      Do you mean youtube . com/user/whisperslily/ ?
      What vids did she have?

      • Ben

        Yea her. She used to have a patreon with lots of videos I’m assuming but she took it down last week.

  • Jack Lowenstein

  • Rowdy

    Guys, SarahASMR uploaded two new videos on patreon 🙂 could you upload them here?

  • E. Brito

    I found a video of Chocolat ASMR naked:

    • PortoFinoww

      Chocolat Asmr really?? I can’t see this!

    • Ice Guy

      Is it uploaded anywhere else? I can’t find it!

  • Slim Treble

    if you guys are interested. i rented the new asmr2n4 video. (.99 cent) if you want, i can upload it or send it to yall to post.

  • J Ess

    anything on queen_jelz?

    • Winston Church

      • J Ess

        can you reup? anything new?

  • Slim Treble

    chick flashed on dudes stream her name is kaitwan13

  • Winston Church

    Do you have the complete collection of HungryLips videos from her youtube channel before it was deleted?

    • Hexagone

      Not all, but around 30+ videos. Would you like to have them?

      • Winston Church

        Yes, please!

        • Hexagone

          • Winston Church

            Thank you!

    • Slim Treble

      she is back

  • Blacksterr

    Do u have the new SarahASMR vids?

  • moderwarfare84

    Tandia little clover whispers

  • moderwarfare84

    Anyone got any littlecloverwhispers? ?

  • pr39

    Hey man do you have any vids of Wife Delight?

  • James Roberts

    Whispering Erotica () used to have a full 20 minute video but they took it down and put up a sample instead, and now you have to pay to access their videos. Was wondering if you had the original 20 min. video

  • Rebecca Weidner

    Asmr2n4 has some good private videos!

  • Matthew

    The new June $40 patreon tier video for Whispering V please.

  • Slim Treble

    Hungry Lips is back!

  • Searching555

    Anyone has any destinydiaz videos from manyvids?

  • Searching555

    Anyone has any destinydiaz videos from manyvids?

  • Oculus777

    Was the Bella ASMR nurse video taken down? I have the video if anyone is interested, and any of Whispering V Patreon videos would greatly appreciated.

    • Hexagone

      Yes, DMCA’d.

      • Oculus777

        So, reposting the video would be a waste of time?

        • Hexagone

          You can post it at discussion, but it might be taken down.

  • Carson Mack

    More BellaBrookz she has some golden stuff on her manyvids account. i would be the happiest man on the planet if someone can find a way to get those

  • Arthur

    Tandia liitle clover whisper will be amazing

    • BarryManilow


  • Craig Land

    I’d like to second the request for Wife Delight and ASMR2n4 — these ladies are amazing. Surely somebody can find these Patreon videos out there?

    • class kash

      yes please.. love her.


      Totally agree boTh especially asmr2 n4 is delicious to watch n hear tease n tingles

  • Hotzx

    She kinda looks like dinglederper, If anyone is interested

  • Mrcuty

    lilchiipmunk is a Twitch Stream. Here are her nudes

  • Bjorn

    More than videos of Whispering V. Thx

  • Vinzent Mann

    Wife Delight from YouTube please! she has a pretty decent and lewd amount of unlisted and patreon videos! anything Wife Delight please!! Her stuff is impossible to find.

  • Devin612

    Anyone want to post some ASMR vids of “Mia Gunn”? She’s amazing

  • Michael Moore

    Tandia plz

  • jimmy F

    more patreon videos of lailaloveASMRotica. and lailalove videos.

  • Jimmy

    holiday asmr

  • J Ess

    any queen_jelz videos or pics?

  • shee de zhi


  • shee de zhi

    Anyone have Sarah asmr video?

  • Sean Valachi

    Bobbi Bamf at

  • Hacker Builder

    Please post the paid and patron videos of Sweet Mouth ASMR

  • dave11112
    please upload the paid unedited videos… she has a channel on youtube/bootygirl.

  • Dam Son

    asmr yawning extended and bouncy -by -asmr2n4, and all the other paid videos of asmr2n4.

  • whaaat

    Any more Psychetruth stuff?

  • Anon55

    Sarah ASMRotica – ASMR First Anal Sex ASMRotica (Guide by Sarah).mp4

    can be found on but very slow download !11GB!!

  • Blueaid

    ASMaRgaritte has a Christmas video on Patreon with see through lingerie. Would like to see that.

  • K.Wahid Parvez

    Wife Delight????

  • Drake Eclipse

    katietriggersme her sexy ass pics and vids please

  • andawra

    Anyone still have the FrivolousFox stuff from here

  • Haddouk3n!

  • Joyce

    Can you please reupload ASMR Cutiepie videos?
    I’d be very thankful, the old MEGA link doesn’t work anymore!

  • Johnny

    Wife Delights new Jworld360 videos

  • same


  • George

    Sarah from where she’s dressed like an Indian

  • Please post celestia vegas leaked revenge porn vid.

  • Charlie

    Where is the legal catogory?

  • Haddouk3n!

    DiamondChickz Patreon Please? Smexy Twerkers/Strippers

  • Joemany

    More sarah asmr (x-asmr) vids

  • anonononon

    Stephanie7Whispers escape videos

    • anonomous

      check the boards

  • Arsalan Sarwar


  • Brayan Pascual

  • Frankie

    Are the videos that have been deleted from here, still available on eroshare?

  • idk wtf420

    leak this plz

  • giggle