• jimmy F

    can’t see the vídeo, doesn’t open.

    • Hexagone

      Fixed, try again.

      • jimmy F


  • Kenzie Anne Williston-lyons

    so glad this video was removed. i hope to see her whole channel get taken down
    she was nice at first then she turned into a huge internet whore. shes ruining this community

    • Kjartan Andersen

      You are so glad they removed it that you felt obliged to post it again?

      This doesn’t sound logic…

    • Nick

      Ugh, The absolute worst thing about this community is the backwards attitude towards sex.

      “People seem to have a natural inclination to believe someone who gets ahead or profits using sex is cheating the system. I find myself also falling into this mental trap, but then I recognize what I’m doing and right my opinions about it.

      Also, if asmr artists are worried about her, it seems her videos get flagged as adult content so that would dramatically reduce her traffic reach because it requires a logged in session, so there’s that. No need to feel threatened.”

      Another thing. No one cares about your hate towards her, especially Hungry Lips. She caters to an audience that most other ASMRtists don’t. How can you be offended by it? She isn’t hurting anybody. Pathetic. Jealousy makes you ugly………..

      • Deetsitmeister

        Isn’t hurting anybody? what if a child found this softporn essentially, My girlfriend’s little sister watches ASMR video all the time
        It’s not jealousy, her videos are toxic in a place where 99.9% of the community is awesome. her selling videos and pictures of herself naked for shitloads of money just shows her attitude towards ASMR, she knows exactly what she is doing.
        Shame too, because her first few videos were decent.

        • Oswaldo Rodríguez

          “… she knows exactly what she is doing”, yes indeed she does, she is taping into a a market that no one else was servicing, that’s capitalism my friend, also as NIck mentioned, if the WHOLE COMMUNITY finds her videos to sexual in nature, they get flagged and her general view count will go down, and also the chances of her videos being found by someone like the girl you describe are less, since the algorithms to suggest videos take this into account and so on.
          Just remember 2 things:
          -This is the internet, and so Rule 34 always applies, ALWAYS
          -“Whatever men do, others will exploit for fun and profit”

        • Zanny Pants

          A young child shouldn’t be on the internet to begin with, regardless of what they’re using it for. Don’t bitch and moan because you and your girlfriend are mentally retarded.

        • helps

          If someones leaving a small child unattended in front of a computer theyre obviously retarded (bad news for your girlfriend and her parents). Worst part is a lot of the people that bitch at her probably watch porn. So if a women is getting fucking destroyed by 3 black cocks its ok but if shes having fun with her sexuality in a safe environment its “Oh god no please destroy this slut”

        • Jason Evans

          what if??? personally, I think there are a LOT of worse things they could see!

      • Keyser Soze

        “People seem to have a natural inclination to believe someone who gets ahead or profits using sex is cheating the system.”

        Well they are. Look at the music industry. Look at all media. Sex is always an easy substitute for talent. Its like women’s version of steroids.


      get over it you jealous twit!

    • Horning Kris

      i do not like you. first off, if your offended by something that is your own personal stupidity. and its a fact, if something has nothing to do with you. second the fact that a you-tuber had to block you from her face book page. shows you as a stoker, a fashest and ultimately a biget. i do not understand people like you. i probably never will. its even down to an example of this. a person is human, they are only capable of what they think they are. people like you cause a good thing to die because they feel bad that some one enjoys something different. in the future were you cant hide on the internet, people like you will be an out cast to the entire human race. its only a matter of time for us to see what dumb people like you bring to the table.

      • Keyser Soze

        “shows you as a stoker, a fashest and ultimately a biget.”


        • Seven30

          Got “ultimately” right. Which makes me wonder how they managed to fuck up “bigot” and “stalker.” Of course, “fascist” was gonna be a complete fail…lolololol

        • DDS

          Funny thing is, take some of the hateful tone, ignore the grammatical errors, then he almost sounds rational. Almost.

    • Dalton Meece

      She was taken down for a bit but now she’s back up

    • zgrillo2004

      You are fucking retarded.

    • Ledezma


    • Amy Etscheid

      Haha, there goes another Conservative media freak getting mad at somebody for doing what they want without hurting anybody.

      “Oh god no, kisses and nipples! Whatever shall we do?! My unaffected sounds are ruined!”

    • EddieWine

      When does your club of uptight annoying cunts have it’s monthly meeting? Thought someone could tip ISIS where to hit next!

  • Kenzie Anne Williston-lyons

    she also blocked me from her facebook page and all her social media

  • Jimmy Bob”Pancakes” O’hoolihan

    Mmmmm, who wants FLAPJACKS!!!

  • Marcus Oneil

    If I’m not mistaken isn’t there breast feeding videos on YouTube?

  • Michael B

    This has been on YouTube for 5 years….

    • zgrillo2004

      talk about hypocrisy