• Freddie Fish ✔️

    This bitch needs a father and a boyfriend lol

  • ffguest534

    I almost choked when I clicked to see what pictures could possibly be worth 75$

  • rjayday

    Who tf does she think she is? her body isnt even tht nice. foh

  • Slim Treble

    pic 10 is that even the correct reflection in the phone?

    • Hexagone

      it is correct actually, she is sitting in front of the mirror and taking a picture of the mirror.

      • Samuel Horne

        No more pics 🙁

    • Will

      Do you have any of these pics?

  • cHo “ChawkyV” ViiRuuS

    the fact that someone actually payed 75$ for this is sad

    • Gummy_Grizzly

      I know right? For 75$, she had better be fully nude with closeups on all the goods. At the absolute very least.

  • Polca

    and she is mom lol

  • Madison Terry

    Its not 75 for the pictures, its a 75 dollar tier which includes a bra and panties video, pictures weekly, 2 personal pictures for yourself and a shoutout.

  • Will

    Anyone have them or the banana vid?