• Slim Treble

    i like her comment at the end. “I don’t do porn…. right now.”

  • Rowdy

    This might be my boner talking, but i think this video is more erotic then the hugry lips 300$ one and ALL the sarah asmr nudes videos. Maybe i’m weird, i don’t know.

  • The Queen Of France

    “I just referenced a very shitty meme from 3 years ago”. I hope she’s not talking about Don Hertzfeldt?

  • Eamon86

    Her videos are fucking awesome I didn’t know whether to fall asleep or jerk off to that banana video

  • Anime4Life

    she is the best

  • Anime4Life

    She is so hot plz fuckings marry me

  • Bob

    This girl is a amalgamation of Chloe Moretz (Hit girl in Kick Ass) and Ellen Muth (Georgia “George” Lass in Dead Like Me) if those two had sex and some how they had a baby this is what you would get.